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Who we are

Stéphanie Leblanc, Founder of Morocco Health & Tourism Support (HTS)

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Stéphanie Leblanc, of Canadian origin, holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in psychopedagogy from the University of Montreal since 2007. Following a career as a professor-researcher in a university environment in the field of educational sciences in Canada, she moved to Morocco, in the Marrakech region, at the beginning of 2019. Having experienced the excellence of medical care in Morocco for both herself and her family, she decided to share with her fellow Canadians and Westeners the advantages of good patient care within the Moroccan health system.

Testimony of the founder of Morocco HTS

“I have been living in Morocco since the beginning of 2019 and have experienced the use of Moroccan medical services. I am continually amazed and satisfied with it and praise its quality to my relatives in Canada. In Canada, I had to wait for years to meet certain specialists for the management of certain medical problems, whereas this situation does not occur in Morocco. In Canada, I also experienced appointment cancellations and surgeries postponed to a very later date. On the other hand, since the use of the private health sector is very developed in Morocco, making appointments is fairly immediate. We can be met on the spot if necessary or given an appointment within a week. Likewise, I have not experienced any cancellation or postponement of appointments or treatments. The support schedule is reliable. Moreover, in Morocco, routine examinations are very focused on prevention. Indeed, I was given tests there that were never administered to me during the same type of follow-up in Canada. Also, in my experience, the waiting time in the emergency is within about 5 to 10 minutes to meet a doctor and be taken care of, which is very contrasting with what we know in Canada. Finally, since the competition is very high in the field of the private sector in health in Morocco, the groups compete in ingenuity in setting up their establishments. This result in recent, modern, clean and well-equipped clinics and hospitals, whose impressive architecture makes a hospital stay pleasant. And all this, at very advantageous rates! In sum, although Canadian doctors are very competent, in my experience health care was generally inaccessible, hasty, superficial, and not focused on prevention and follow-up, and this, as a result of an overwhelmed public health system and very limited recourse to the private sector. While it is quite the opposite in Morocco. I am extremely satisfied and that explains why I now wish to share this satisfying experience with my fellow Canadians and Westerners.”

Stéphanie Leblanc

Benefits of entrusting your medical case to Morocco HTS

  • Our agency is a partner with the Groupe CIM Santé, recognized as one of the leader of medical providers in Morocco.

  • Our agency is made up of graduates partners, with a prolific experience in academia, socio-cultural, hospital and medical settings.

  • Our agency is made up of both Canadian and Moroccan partners, which means that we know both cultural contexts well.

  • Our team is fluent in French, English and Arabic.

  • Our team has good expertise in biomedical standards and accreditations, but above all a strong commitment in the biomedical ethics issues.

  • Our team also has a perfect mastery of the Moroccan health system, both public and private, as well as a good knowledge of medical skills.

  • We attach great importance to your recovery to ensure respect for your well-being and the quality of your health. Thus, the proposed quote will take into account the recovery time needed in a hotel in Marrakech before returning to your country of origin.

  • Our agency is located in Marrakech, a highly prized tourist destination for its exoticism and the quality of its entertainment, served by an international airport and recognized for the quality of its medical expertise. 

Our values

  • Transparency

  • Quality

  • Efficiency

  • Availablity

  • Privacy

  • Discretion

  • Trust

  • Respect for the physical and moral integrity of the person

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