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Tourism in Marrakech, the ocher city

The city of Marrakech is served by an international airport, which makes it an accessible destination. The region of Marrakech is particularly popular for tourism, with its captivating Jemaa El Fna square, the mosques and historic palaces, the labyrinthine souk, the landscapes of palm trees in front of the snow-capped mountains, the gastronomy renowned for satisfying the finest palate, the diversity of its accommodation (ranging from Ryads to the most modest or the most luxurious hotels), and finally, by the reputedly hospitable welcome of the Marrakchis.


Moreover, Morocco is a largely French-speaking country and its population is fluent in many other languages. Almost all generations are fluent in French, while English and Spanish are generally limited to a young population or those with a higher education level, which is the case of the Marrakchis. Another fact is that the Marrakchis have been deeply immersed in tourism for decades and a large part of this population speaks at least four languages (French, English, German and Spanish) and works in the Jamaa El Fna square or the surroundings.

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Tourist attractions in Marrakech

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