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The CIM Health group ( ; )

Casablanca - Marrakech - Rabat - Tanger 

logo CIM Santé

The health actor and lead of excellence

Intérieur CIM Santé Marrakech

A vision of excellence for health

The Groupe CIM Santé was founded in 1994 by Pr Assad Chaara, a pioneer in interventional cardiology in Morocco and North Africa. Prof Chaara set up the Groupe CIM Santé with an ambitious and successful vision: "to offer Moroccan, African and European customers the best of international and Moroccan medicine in multidisciplinary establishments of excellence". Having proven efficiency through the great number of patients treated since the begining, the Groupe CIM Santé is now coveting North American patients, as well as those in Asia and the Middle East. With this accomplished success, Dr Fahd Chaara, Managing Director of the Groupe CIM Santé, has taken up the lead to pursue the group's ambitions.


The excellent infrastructure, equipments and services of the Groupe CIM Santé are world-class and meet the best international standards, including operating theatres, intensive care, radiology, accommodation and food to ensure quality and care continuity. The multidisciplinary team on site and the rapid access to the necessary infrastructures since patient admission allow him  greatest comfort and well-being. Patient medical informations are computerized and confidentially accessible to doctors and the patient via a mobile application allowing thus transparency of follow-up and remote monitoring for the doctor.

The Groupe CIM Santé commitment to quality has led it to apply several complementary management systems, including those of the Joint Commission International (JCI), the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS ) and certification according to ISO standards.

The Groupe CIM Santé is a lead in medical practices and innovations, particularly in interventional cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery, cerebral embolization, tumor embolization, stroke thrombectomy, ortho-traumatology, arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and hip, neurosurgery, visceral surgery, bariatric surgery, ENT, gynecology, in vitro fertilization and urology. Since its creation, the Groupe CIM Santé has treated more than half a million patients, and remains one of the key actors in the development of the quality of health care in Morocco.

The team

The CIM Santé team is made up of Moroccan and foreign doctors and surgeons recognized worldwide. They are surrounded by qualified paramedical teams, continuously trained and supervised by experienced care directors. These ultra-competent teams are led by an internationally renowned administration:

CIM Health in key figures


Beds, including 106 in intensive care


Operating theaters


Cath rooms, including three hybrid rooms


Radiology centers


Support service units: kitchen, laundry, sterilization and confection

Chambre CIM Santé


Analytical laboratory centers

Laboratoires d'analyse CIM Santé
Bloc opératoire CIM Santé
Salle de cathétérisme CIM Santé
Centre de radiologie CIM Santé
Services de prestations CIM Santé



Équipe CIM Santé



Médecin CIM Santé

500 000

Patients treated, including 157,000 in interventional cardiology, and 3,000 patients in beating heart surgery

Intervention chirurgicale CIM Santé

Photos of the establishments of the Groupe CIM Santé 

Clinique internationale de Marrakach groupe CIM Santé

International Clinic

of Marrakech

Hôpital Universitaire privé de Marrakech

Private University Hospital of Marrakech

Clinique internationale de Tanger

Tangier International Clinic

Hôpital privé international de Casablanca

Private International Hospital of Casablanca

Centre des maladies du coeur et des vaisseaux de Rabat

Rabat Center for Heart and Vessel Diseases

Clinique Ville Verte Bouskoura.jpg


La Ville Verte Clinic

Clinique de Settat.jpg

Settat International


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