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Medical tourism agency in Marrakech

Morocco Health & Tourism Support (HTS) is a medical tourism agency located in Marrakech, Morocco. Our agency accompanies foreign residents who wish to receive health care offered by competent doctors in specialized and efficient medical infrastructures, at a reasonable cost and without waiting times. The Morocco HTS agency has a privileged private medical partner, which is the CIM Santé Group, which is widely established in Morocco with clinics in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier. This group has recent facilities, innovative and high-performance medical technologies, as well as highly competent and qualified personnel.


One of the objectives of the Morocco HTS Agency is to ensure patient satisfaction in terms of health, personal well-being, tourism and financial resources. As a result, the price offer depends on the patient soughts and his current state of health. The offred prices will reflect, on the one hand, good health care and, on the other hand, intensive physical well-being, immense gastronomic pleasure and a pleasant tourisme experience. Contact us now to request a quote for free. This quote will provide you with the costs for:

  • Round-trip transportation to Marrakech airport by Mercedes van

  • Accommodation according to your needs and budget at a competitive price according to our preferential rates established with hotel establishments in Marrakech

  • The health care requested as well as hospitalization in a clinic

  • Discreet accompaniment during medical appointments and translation of interactions as needed

  • The availability of the Morocco HTS agency team 24/7 as needed during your stay

  • Tourist activities in and around Marrakech if desired

  • Remote post-operative follow-up once you return to your country of origin

Request a quote for free

Step 1

Fill in the form below to provide us with your contact information.

Working Mother

Step 2

We will send you a form by email to ask you questions about your care needs and your state of health, as well as your needs in terms of tourist activities.

We will send you an online form by email

Step 3

Following receipt of your form, your informations will be submitted to the medical staff of the Groupe CIM Santé.  A care offer meeting your health needs, accomodation and tourism activities will be sent to you as soon as possible.  

The doctor establishes a quote

Step 4

If the proposed estimate suits you, we will then initiate the procedures allowing you to come and receive health care in Morocco.

You are ready to come and meet us in Morocco

Complete the following sections, and we will send you a form online as soon as possible by email to ask you about your care needs and your state of health.

Thanks for submitting!

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